Participation tickets

Welcome to the Festherum 2018 ticketing page!

This is where you can make your donation and get your participation ticket.

You can make two kinds of donations:

  • 50 Euro, which allow you to participate and enjoy four cooked meals


  • 40 Euro, which allow you to participate and go hungry while everyone else eats.

After you chose the kind(s) of ticket(s) you want, click ‘cart‘ to set the amount the payment method

VERY IMPORTANT: When paying please give the same name and email address you used when filling in the registration form. 

Choose your tickets here:


NOTE:  if you make a donation (i.e: buy a ticket) without registering and attending at least one meeting you won’t be allowed to join Festherum 2018 and probably also won’t get your money back.  Sorry!  Life is complicated.