Getting there, getting in

Getting in:

You’re welcome to enter the fort on foot, by bike, or in a stroller.  Your car is going to have to remain outside.

If you want to unload your car, you’ll be asked for a deposit at the gate so we can be sure you’ll not get distracted by the shiny lights and will actually remove your car.

There is a parking lot 100m or so from the fort, and if you miss it you can go visit your car from time to time.

If the gate is locked and no one is around, someone (hopefully) responsible can be reached at this number: 015907627308

Sleeping in your car

You can park your car inside the fort only if at least 2 people will sleep in it. Imaginary friends don’t count.

Getting there:

Fort Gorgast is easily accessible by train, car, bike, and less so by jumping the entire way on one leg.

  • By Car

Fort Gorgast is easy to get to from Berlin by car (an hour and 20 minutes or so) as well.

Don’t forget that cars are not allowed into the fort. Not even for a bit,  not just to unload some stuff, not even just the tip.

  • By Bike:

Bless your intrepid spirit, and stay safe. You’ll be able to shower when you arrive. Keep in mind that bicycles are allowed on the train but at a very limited capacity! 

  • By train:

For those taking the train, first head to Lichtenberg station and then take the regional train from there. Timetables are available on the BVG site. Search for Trains to Gorgast (Dorf). 

Keep in mind that NOT ALL TRAINS stop at Gorgast, so you might have to go past Gorgast, and then take a train back.

Here’s the walk from the station to the fort: