Festherum is in an unusual and inspiring place to create and share art. The site includes forest, hills and gullies, tunnels, and strange nooks and crannies.
This year’s theme is  CHILDHOOD and we hope that your art will be inspired by it or reflecting it, in any way that makes sense or nonsense to you:)
We are looking for a mix of static, interactive and performative art pieces that create feelings, experience or tell stories. We invite artists of all types to come to the festival, create and share their vision.

You can get an idea of the space by checking out the Festherum 2015 website.

If you are bringing art to Festherum please fill our artist submission form. This helps us help you and get you placed on the land.

What you need to know, and what we need to know

♧ You are responsible for building and taking down your art. We have as good as no tools this year so please bring anything you need to make your art happen.

♧ Make sure your art is rain-proof AND safe at night by providing appropriate lighting if needed.

♧ If you would like to apply for financial support from our art grant you must provide us with a written cost estimate by May 8th. Once we approved the sum we will reimburse you for your expenses after the festival based on your receipts. No reimbursements will be made without a receipt. We only provide support for materials, transport or paid services but not for your labor. We cannot guarantee we will fund your project.

♧There is no special artist tickets to the festival. All Festherumers are equal and all participants make the same donation.

♧if you want to arrive early ( before Friday ) to set up you must get in touch with us and apply for an early arrival pass by May 8th. If you want to bring a whole team early they all need to apply for early arrival and they need to be involved in setting up your piece.

♧If you need our support with transporting your art or materials please let us know by May 8th estimating as precisely as possible how much space you will need. We care but we can’t take responsibility for the things we transport or store.

♧Please let us know in the artist submission form what kind of space, surrounding and location you envision and if your art has a special requirement like electricity, silence, sun, darkness etc. We have electricity and some cables.

♧If you need collaborators or volunteers to help you set up and run your art connect with the community via Facebook or pitch your project at the next open house. Let us know what kind of help you need, and when, so we can connect you with volunteers.

♧Avoid using fire. Candles and campfires are only allowed in very limited areas and require our approval!

♧Avoid outdoor noise. We want to enjoy nature and all of us want to sleep at some point. If your art is loud it needs to go indoors. Wondering if your speaker that whistles childhood melodies from the bushes will be too loud? Please talk with us.